Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Homework #8

Write one paragraph in your blog about the following Question:
 In your opinion was independence the only option for the colonist? could they have worked things out with the king?
Extra credit?
In today's political environment, What do you think the tea party is all about? do you agree with this movement? why or why not? Post your answer to my blog as a comment!


  1. I dont think independence was the only option for the colonist they also were deeply convicted of the idea that freedom is infinitely more desirable than oppression and that it is worth the risk of pain and suffering. They wanted to hold control of themselves, not give it to the King. The King was far away, and getting too much of the profits of the enterprises.The change of living in open country versus the noisy crowds of London can make a person want to rebel and keep the good life.The freedoms they had were tremendous, and the King wanted to limit them, the colonists wanted still more freedom to govern themselves.

  2. Dhruv Patel

    Tea party today in government is a protest against the government.It is when the people pay tax and are unhappy with the government and its political movements.

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  4. It is a group of people who think they are the only people who run the country. It is made up of Republicans, Democrats, and independents from all walks of life. They want the gov't to be more responsible in the way it spends money, esp. in giving money to big businesses so the bigwigs in the industry can get multimillion dollar bonuses when they get fired.

  5. The tea party is basically when people protest against the government because they don't like how the economy is or how the government is spending there tax money. i agree with it because sometimes the government gets to carried away and we have to put them in there place.

  6. The tea party was basically the most direct message to england saying "we dont need you and you're schemes to take our hard earned money". That in itself proves that colonist's were persistent and smart enough to plan something that only real rebels can do. Besides these people were backed into a corner so they had to do something.