Wednesday, September 22, 2010

News: Portfolios! what you need and should do

For your portfolios please have the following inside them at all times.
All Tests
All Quizzes
All DBQ's
And any other item I specifically tell you to file in your folders.  
Reason for this: it keeps you organize and it is easier to study for a test.
Grade: Portfolios are wroth 5 points towards your final Homework grade!!!!! its an easy 5 points and all you have to do is file your work.
Absent: If you are absent and are missing any of the work, please ask a friend to copy down the questions and answers. Fill it on a separate sheet of paper and file it inside your folder with the word absent on top.
If you are missing work I will reduce points and I will collect your folder every 3 weeks.
Any problems please see me after class...


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